Results 2019

Official Results of the KZNTR Events
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Flaming Flamingo

WESSA Christmas Evening Run

Summer Series - Hilton College

Lesotho Ultra Trail

Summer Series - Honey Trails

King of PheZulu

Summer Series - Dusi Trails

Coastal Series - Kenneth Stainbank

WILDSERIES Golden Gate Challenge

3 Day Collated:

2 Day Collated:

Day 3:

Coastal Series - Blythedale

Uitsoek Mountain Marathon

Coastal Series - Rocky Bay


WILDSERIES Mont-Aux-Sources Challenge

Seaton Spring Challenge

Eston Show Trail Run

Mandela Day Trail Run

uMngeni River Run

1000 Hills Challenge

Kruger to Canyon Challenge

WESSA Trail Run

PheZulu Trail Run

The Pondo Trail

Winter Series

Winter Series - Honey Trails

Winter Series - Hilton College

Winter Series - Dusi Trails

WESSA Trail Run

The Bushman's Trail

The Bushman's Trail:

Rocky Bay Trail

Drakensberg Northern Trail

Blythedale Trail Run

Howick Trail Run

WILDSERIES Three Cranes Challenge

Hilton College Trail

Valley View Trail

Gilboa Challenge

Table Mountain Trail Run

Kenneth Stainbank Castle Trail