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Launch 2022 with the trail community on Sunday at Rocky Bay, KZN South Coast

Welcome to 2022. Now lets Rock it!

WELCOME TO 2022 – the year in which each of our beautiful venues will be used only once. No repeats. There is now only ONE chance only to experience the KZNTR vibe at each venue.

Why you may ask?
Basically, we want to put more energy into fewer events, making each special for what it is, where they take place, what they represent and who they support.
Races cast an extensive web that impact a lot of people along the way, and we don’t want to skim this over. Each event is so unique and we feel too many repeats mean we can’t focus energy into each one in the way we wanted. It’s a case of less is more for both the participants and organisers.

We are starting out hot this Sunday at Rocky Bay, a much loved venue and a great chance to be back on the trails with the warm, wonderful, and vibrant trail family. A community that has held steadfast against all the challenges we have faced over the last 2 years.

2022 is our comeback year people! It’s the year we claim back our lives, by picking up the pieces, getting off the couch, and onto the trail!

So if you want to go all out with KZNTR in January, then simply enter the Coastal Series (and save 33%) – Series entries will close off alongside pre-entries for Rocky Bay on Friday at 12noon.

Coastal Series consists of (Click Images in this email for more info)

Rocky Bay – 9 Jan
Zululami – 16 Jan
Honey Trails – 30 Jan

Rocky Bay, Scottburgh, KZN South Coast
9 January 2022 (Registration from 5.30am)
6am | 6.30am | 7am
19km | 12km | 5km