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What’s your positive?? Trail Shed opens new shop and waiting lists for the BIG mountain races

Positive vs. Negative

These words can mean a lot nowadays, but more so than ever we need our positive mindsets to prevail over our negative ones.

No doubt you have experienced plenty of both as we are forced to take the COVID journey and we find ourselves at KZNTR having to search hard for silver linings and lights down tunnels. And yes, the negative can way heavy and absorb one’s thoughts easily. But we built the company and community on an incredibly positive vibe and energy. That positive vibe attracted more positive, and so it grew.

So it makes sense that to find our new ways and place, we need to work with the positives. Spend less time managing the negatives and more time immersed in the positives.

Then how can we lose in this life??

For now, our positives are; wild spaces, it’s a long weekend as we celebrate the strong women in our lives and the trails around Howick are OPEN!

What’s your positive??

See you on the trails,
Andrew, Lauren & the KZNTR Team

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Trailshed has a new home in Durban!

If you are in the area, pop in and visit us at our new retail space in Glenwood – 394 Esther Roberts Road, 1st floor above the hairdresser.

We are open by appointment only Monday to Friday (call Shaun on 066 208 3185 ) and every Saturday Tristan will be in store between 8am and 1pm, no need for an appointment on Saturday.

We are running a fabulous special online and in-store – all UD 4 hydration vests are less 30%! Now is the time to invest in that pack or upgrade the one you have – be ready for race season and long runs in the mountains. Hydration vests are great for carrying drinking water and nutrition, they are also useful for holding other kit such as cellphones, cold weather apparel and hiking poles. Easily the most important part of a trail runners kit!

Not sure of your size? Pop us an email or come into the shop to fit exactly!

We are so grateful to all our loyal customers, thank you for your support over this season.

Check out Trail Shed Online:

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Waiting lists for Mnweni, Uitsoek & Lesotho Ultra

As you know, we are watching every move by the government with regards to sporting events and we really hope that we will be able to host you all very soon. 🤞🏼

While Covid-19 put a stop to what we planned to be an INCREDIBLE Mountain Marathon Series, DNT has been rescheduled, K2C sadly cancelled, but the rest is within our reach…

We have created waiting lists for the Mnweni Marathon, Uitsoek and Lesotho Ultra. That way, you can reserve a spot on the start line (subject to potential limits based on Covid protocols) without having to part with your cash just yet.

Starting with Mnweni, put your name down for a BIG mountain run and keep your training focused!!

To sign up for the Mnweni Waiting List: