Babanango recce on World Ranger Day – this could be you soon! Plus new routes at WESSA.

Exploring options at Babanango...

Dear Trail Runners & Walkers,

Today is World Ranger Day. It is designated to recognise the risks taken and celebrate the critical work that Rangers undertake to protect the planet’s natural treasures. Without Rangers, our wildlife population would have been decimated long ago.

It is also a day that we have a team recceing at the Babanango Game Reserve, planning a Ranger Patrol experience in support of the Ranger Protect project.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in energies, attracting each other. And the energy I felt when I first visited the Babanango Private Game Reserve was so beautiful, wild and pure. Calling me back. To camp in the wild. To soak up the peace. To experience a day in the life of one of our Rangers.

We hope to bring you that opportunity soon, so watch this space…

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute by sponsoring their insurance, R431 is all it takes to provide cover to a Ranger and their family for a year.

To donate, click on the button below.

See you on the trails,
Lauren, Andrew & the KZNTR Team

To donate to the Ranger Project:

Vehicle access at Wessa & changes to Barn Owl 10km

From this weekend, we are excited to open up WESSA Ungeni Valley for vehicles to drive into the reserve!

What does this mean?

It means new routes are available for those wanting to run 3km, 7.5km and 11km! A number of our loyal trail runners and locals have run the set out routes flat (as flat as you can at WESSA…), so being able to explore from deeper in the reserve will give them exciting new options to soak up!

We will post the route maps on social media later today – please take note of the elevation gain, as there are some cracker hills that these sections take in!

Sanele & his team have also been working on improvements to the Barn Owl Trail. There are some great changes to the 10km route, reducing the out&back section and taking you through the pine forests around Old Halliwell!

Huge shout out to the land owners at Old Halliwell & Ground Cover for being so open to a bunch of crazy-lumo trail runners dashing around their properties!!

Winter League winners

A small but super-dedicated group of runners took on the KZNTR Winter League. We salute them for their support and taking on the challenge of matching the WESSA elevation!

An equally dedicated group of partners stepped up to back the league and made it interesting for the participants with their super products. In times like these, you really can’t put a price on this type of support and we are immensely grateful!

Please support these guys wherever you can, they are legends!

For those who didn’t catch the live prizegiving, the winners are:
ANEW Hotel & Resorts voucher for any of their 3 hotels – Rory Pelser, our only international participant from Swaziland
KZNTR Kit – Zoe Papadakis, WC entrant and outright winner of the 20km!
Runners Entry into any KZNTR event in 2021 – Candice Clarke
TrailShed Shoe Vouchers – Roxanne Vale & Ian Griffiths
Jack & George Plant Holder – Michelle Rumney, taking on the actual wessa course countless times!
Country Kitchens Chopping Board – Dave Mercer.
Jolly Grubber ½ chicken meal – Alison Engelbrecht, who ran/walked the longest time (nearly 6hrs!)
Clockwork Brewhouse beer – Daniel Read, who ran the longest distance (nearly 32k!) in one go.

We will be collecting the gorgeous Winter League badges this weekend and will start distributing them in the coming week.