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Do or Die…its time to rise!

Do or Die...

Dear Trail Runners & Walkers,

Shewie, this email hey! I started & stopped writing it so many times because – SO MANY CHANGES!!

What to make of them and how best to move forward. So after a weekend of discussions, “sleeping on it” and throwing more ideas around than popcorn at a food fight…

We are stoked to announce that we have our COVID protocols in place, international best practice guidelines from ITRA and our insurer on board, so we can roll out our events as of September!

…yes September 2020!!

There will be a few changes to the calendar as we go, as some venues have their own limitations – more on that below and as we go.

I’m sure you all will have so many questions. So do we… But we are working our way through them one event at a time and will communicate with entrants of each event where necessary.

Like so many other industries, the events industry has been one of the worst-hit by the Lockdown Regulations, and while we acknowledge the need to put safety protocols in place, it truly is Do or Die time for us.

We have clung on due to incredible support from our runners and the odd creative idea, but the reality is, we can’t do that much longer. If KZN Trail Running has any chance of rising from the ashes, we have to make a go of it now. Races will look different – that is unavoidable. But different isn’t worse and if we all bring the same positive energy to the races, we can’t go wrong!

So again, to those who have supported us in so many ways, we have felt it every step of the journey. Thank you!

And we are more than ampt to take these next steps forward, together!

See you on the trails SOON,
Lauren, Andrew & the KZNTR Team

30 August – Seaton Spring Challenge: CANCELLED
05 September – Mnweni Mountain Marathon: CONFIRMED
12 – 13 September: Bushman’s Trail: CANCELLED
25 – 27 September: Karkloof 100: CONFIRMED

Watch out for October event confirmations coming soon!

Spread the love…

We are really excited that we are able to open up events shortly. We are aware that many of you have very graciously accepted credit vouchers, at a time when our cash flows (or lack thereof!) have meant we haven’t been able to offer refunds.

As we begin to open up, please feel free to use those vouchers and be aware that they can be used piece-meal to pay for multiple event entries.

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