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KZNTR facilitating private trail networks – from 13 & 14 June at the Barn Owl!

Midlands single track at the Barn Owl

Adapt, adapt and adapt again! The hope of promised changes and more freedoms, the disappointment that they don’t actually apply to us. Back to the drawing board. Rethink, recreate, reinvent.

Sound familiar???

Just like many of the trail venues, The Barn Owl (based at Ground Cover in Currys Post) have established trails on private property from their venue. But with staffing limits and cut budgets, at this stage lots of them are not able to man their trails.

As you know, KZN Trail Running is not able to host events yet, so we have adapted to offer trail facilitation services to venues like the Barn Owl and Karkloof Canopy Tours.

Our booking system enables people to book their time slot to make sure that there is never a gathering of people arriving at a venue at any one time. We will have all COVID protocols in place at the venue to screen runners and walkers, as well as some trail safety measures to ensure that you can enjoy your time out on the trails in a secure way.

We have taken advice from our insurers and adapted our policy accordingly, so we have all the necessary cover in place.

The Barn Owl Trails can be booked directly with KZNTR. Currently only 13 & 14 June are available, but we will be adding additional dates to the bookings shortly. These newly established routes offer up to 15km of single track with expansive Midlands views.

The Barn Owl itself will be open for takeaway (take-it-to-another-level) coffee and breakfasts. A perfect combo to clear the cobwebs and head home refreshed and souls restored!

Going forward, Karkloof Canopy Tour trails can be booked directly through them (click on link for contact details) – they promise a true adventure and sense of wonder in those amazing forests.

We have been engaging with a few more local venues that are interested in KZNTR’s trail management services and we look forward to making those spaces accessible to you soon!

Barn Owl Trail Details:

  • Distances: 5 – 15km
  • Starts every 5min between 8 – 10am
  • 4 people per start.
  • Masks & social distancing required.
  • Dog-friendly trails, but please them leashed!

For Bookings and More Information:

KZNTR The Barn Owl Trail Jun20 - Image 2