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Garden Series Extended, KZNTR Kit and new format at Phezulu to come…

Another 2 weeks...

When I told Ben and Charlie that the Lockdown had been extended by 2 weeks, they both celebrated. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but at least some people are happy about it. There are big and small changes we have adapted to over the last few weeks and many of them have had very positive influences and outcomes.

What would life have been like in the last few weeks if Covid-19 had not happened….?
Something like this:

DNT would have taken place on 21 March, followed by Rocky Bay on the 28th. A mid-week Recce trip in early April to Zululand, Bushmans Trail on the 4th and 5th before Easter which is where we find ourselves.

Where would that schedule have left the kids? No wonder they are celebrating, they are getting more time with their parents than ever before. While we have lived an interesting lifestyle that involves them as much as possible (why we started kidszone!) the reality is that they are getting short-changed when it comes to quality time with Mom and Dad.

It begs huge questions about what we need to do moving forward. Socially, spiritually, environmentally, simply as a human. How are we going to do life?

Oddly I don’t fear the future, instead, I am intrigued and motivated to make my difference. While as trail runners we consider ourselves closer to Mother Earth than some others, we all need to take a good hard look at our ways.

See below with regards to Phezulu and a new way forward.

Yours on the trail
Andrew Booth

PS The Garden Series is now 5 events ending on 26 Apri 2020.

For Race Rules and Facebook Page:

For Entries for Race 3:

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PHEZULU Trail - First Test of a new way of running trail....

Because of the limited field we already have in place at Phezulu it makes a lot of sense to use it to test our new “post-lockdown” way forward. We will open up entries on Friday the 17th of April for Phezulu which is scheduled for the 21st of June 2020.

How will it work:

1. Starting times scheduled 5 minutes apart for groups of between 1 and 8 people will be made available for booking.

2. One person must book the entire starting slot (1-8 people)

3. Check-in is exactly 10 minutes prior to your start. The group will then start together but does not need to stay together

4. Strict protocol around hygene and running/passing protocol will be developed.

If we are able to host events in May we will split the 100 entrants into smaller batches in a similar way, but Phezulu will be the first event we actually sell in the new format.

Should KZNTR be unable to host due to Covod-19 you will be credited in full for future KZNTR events. (Yes Covid-19 will end!)

View the KZNTR Calendar

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KZNTR for sale - an income stream during lockdown

To stay in business through lockdown we are havng to get very creative. One of these ways is to set up a page on the KZNTR website to sell our kit which nowconsists of 6 items:

KZNTR Shirt (now blue in colour) – R275
KZNTR Vest (Orange) – R200
KZNTR Buff (new design) – R100
KZNTR Trucker (in pic) – R200
KZNTR Peak – R150
KZNTR Cup (travel mug) – R100

Deliveries cost R100 and will take place after lockdown. Alternatively your purchases can be collected at a KZNTR event.

To Purchase KZNTR Merchandise

All the gear you’ll need for your next trail expedition. Available online from Trail Shed.

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