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KZNTR moves into your backyard.

KZNTR's Garden Trail Series - taking it home!
(Photo by Alison Coates)

Finding a way to get more trail!

“It was 9.30am on Saturday morning (Day 2 of lockdown) and a whatsapp came through from Rhyan Rhudman about doing a Garden Series over the next 3 Sundays. It made so much sense but Sunday was tomorrow. So from race conception to the start of the first race took 21hrs30mins, a task that in our previous world would take months. The response was amazing. The Trail Running Community participated in their numbers, it’s taking us the whole day to put the results together. We need to pull together as a community ore than ever before and this is one way of really feeling that connection despite being apart”
– Andrew Booth 30 March 2020

If you haven’t been drawn in yet, we think you should now! Bringing the trail community closer together despite being apart, the KZNTR Garden Trail Series is all about getting out onto the trails in our backyards.

It’s safe, you do not have to travel far, it’s free and it brings a whole lot of fun to your Sunday morning!

This past Sunday saw the first running/walking of the series and we have had lots of fun feedback with families and friends getting a dose of nature, in the comfort of their homes.

** For those who missed out on the first event in the series and still want to achieve the personalized badge there is another window on Thursday 2 April 2020 from 7am to 1.30pm!

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Newly launched - "The KZN Trail Running Group"

A platform to share your homegrown trail experiences…

DISCLAIMER: we only wish to spread positive vibes!

In the midst of the surrounding chaos, we could all do with some light-hearted trail fun. Separated and confined to our homes, is definitely not ideal for trail enthusiasts who are most alive when out exploring nature!

There has been a rush with the local trail community to join in the trail chatter, and we suggest you join too.

Here’s why:

  • Isolation sucks but is needed to help the country.
  • So, we need to find new ways to connect, and this is it.
  • Spread the love of trails with like-minded trail enthusiasts.
  • Find innovative ways to connect with nature – in your back yard.
  • Share your trail memories and keep the love of trails alive!
  • It brings a sense of community despite being apart.

To join the group:

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More info on the Garden Series...
(Image: Leon Claasen)

Results from Race 1 should be out this evening!

If you’re keen to join in the series, we will be opening a window for “late entries” on Thursday from 7am – 1.30pm , so you too can proudly claim a series completion and get your personalised badge.

Here’s your guidelines for the series:

Event starts at 7am, with your “race briefing” live on Facebook from 6:45am.
You can start running/walking anytime between 7am and 1:30pm, after which all posting closes.

Some rules:

You only enter afterwards, by posting your fun garden escape onto the newly formed The KZN Trail Running Group
To be included in the “official results”
Include your distance and laps

Your time (honesty based)
Your course needs to be measured by “pacing” or physically measuring it out and GPS if possible

Run one of the advertised distances: 2km, 5km, 10km and 15km
Fun runners are well too!
Prize giving – there will be small prizes for the overall winners of the series, the final will be on 12 April 2020.

Lucky draw will happen live at 2pm and the most creative posts will win. The deadline for posts will be 1:30pm on Sundays.

Full series finishers will get a personalised laser engraved badge made by Rhyan Rudman. Collection will be post-lockdown.
Race village – Howick, at the KZNTR headquarters.

Entry is FREE. Donations are welcome.

You will need to supply your own coffee, hydration, food and beer!

All the gear you’ll need for your next trail expedition. Available online from Trail Shed.