Losing connectivity, the Howick Trail Run and the Three Cranes Challenge

Searching for connection

Life is busy. So so busy. Check emails, answer that call. Update event social media. Meetings. Crumbs, the kids need to be fetched in 10min… Did anyone follow up on that request??

I’ve recently had a need to fill my house with plants. Like everywhere. And I’ve figured out that it is because, despite my job being somewhat outdoors orientated, I spend SO much time inside, looking at a computer. If I’m so deprived that my house is starting to look like the understory of a forest, my heart breaks for people with full on office jobs!

As I arrived in Bushwillow Park this past weekend, with the age-old forests towering behind, I literally felt my soul reach out, like it was saying “hello old friend, I’ve missed you!” And it was doing just that.

We communicate all day, but have lost our connection with people. With nature. With ourselves!

I don’t have any broadscale answers, but I do know that I within seconds of being in a natural environment, I could hear and feel myself clearer than I had for some time. So I hope that there is nothing urgent lined up this afternoon, because I am heading to the Howick Forests. Don’t call me, I won’t call you… 😉

See you on the trails,

Howick Trail Run

The Howick Trail Run has moved to the idyllic Karkloof Farmers’ Market and new routes will see runners taking in Preston Farm, home to the La Petite Cheese dairy, as well as Westfalia Avo Farm.

We are delighted that the landowners have allowed us to use their beautiful farms and participants are in for a treat as they explore expansive grasslands and scenic farmlands!

See you in Howick!

Event Information

  • Date: Sunday, 1st March 2020
  • Venue: Karkloof Farmers’ Market
  • Distances: 5km | 12km | 20km 
  • Cost: R110 | R150 | R190
  • U18s pay half price!

For Entries:

Cooking & running Three Cranes

The WildSeries Three Cranes Challenge hosted by KZN Trail Running, WildLands and the Karkloof Conservancy is one of the highlights of my trail calendar and although every year I declare, ‘I must do some new races!’ I always end up adding the series into my already often packed calendar.

Last year, I was terribly rude about the food – so rude in fact I was invited to put my money where my mouth was.
And my declarations that ‘I could do the food and run the race,’ was accepted.

Here we are with Friday evening’s harvest table spread – Trail Kitchen, Andrew Booth’s support team, produced braai goodies and Carla and I made an omnivore’s feast but with a lot of Vegan options for those attempting to change up their diets.

Producing the food and running is hard work, I won’t lie. Carla Farina and I got up an hour earlier giving ourselves a head start each morning to be back in time for lunch prep and service – although being navigationally challenged meant this was pretty tricky for us to find our way – missing essential markers in the dark, tackling all the spiders and man eating flies, climbing over gates and fences (these were actually on the route but we were ahead of the trail marker each morning 😅) was worth it for the sunrise each day, the pure pleasure of being out on the trails, the silence of the forest (aside from the killer hounds barking) the reflected eyes of leopard (ok fine it was a bushbuck) and all the other creatures real or imaginary was magic and for that I would happily offer my cooking services again!