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Where does the trail take You??

Don't miss iconic Table Mountain!

Heading out onto the trail. Maybe to run, maybe to walk. Bit of both? Probably.

Feeling stressed. But I feel I need to Get It Done. Tick the box. Keep up with what everyone else is doing so I don’t fall behind.

But I also know. I know where I will go.

Literally, I know the route I will take. I start planning it in my head. Feeling my last emotions when running that route. Planning how I will run the tough parts better. Feeling the flow of the corners and anticipating my favourite views.

But I also know that I will go somewhere else.
Because inside my chest there is something that cracks open with Beauty. With Movement, Space, Freedom.
I cannot tell you what it is, but it makes me exhale deeper, sighing out worry and tension. Often it stops me dead in my tracks to just be there, in that Place. Breath it in.

Because I know that next time I start planning my route, that Moment is where I want to go to. The view might be different, but it feels the same.

It feels like Peace.

See you on the trail,

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uMngeni River Run entries OPEN!

The 10th edition of the legendary URR (the KZNTR crew could write a book about this one!) opens at 10am today with a cracker 15% discount on the two ultra distances – 75km and 50km.

Valid for just 48hr, this is a steal for what is already one of the best-value ultras in the country!

We take a no-frills, no-fuss approach to the extras on this race. It’s back-to-basics and all about the trail here – single-track overload, KZNTR-style routes with no sideshows.
Except Lauren’s soup…that’s worth running an ultra for…!

URR is perfectly positioned for those lining up the Karkloof 100 / 50 Miler later in the year, as it allows you to get a feel for running in the dark and the bonus of getting that LSD done in a group!

The 25km and 12km are not to be underestimated – Andrew rates this as some of the best single-track he’s ever run…!

WESSA Umngeni Valley
21 August 2022
75km | 50km | 25km | 12km
R530 | R420 | R240 | R170
5am | 6am | 7am | 7:30am

KidZone available.
Great coffee, better vibes!

Come join us for a back-to-basics, chat around the bon-fire kinda vibe.
You might event hear some of the old-school URR tales!

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Ingeli Mountain Marathon

The 4th event in the Mountain Marathon Series is gaining momentum, and with good reason! 
Located on the KZN / Eastern Cape border, the route is a challenging mix of forest single track, climbing mountain paths, dirt jeep track and cut grass paths.  2021 winner, Eric Ngubane, described it as tough – “those climbs followed by such steep downhills punished the quads”! We feel there is an element of understatement in there…🤔😂
The route is designed to pass through the most scenic parts of the area including wetlands, streams, quiet forests and amazing views!
Runners are taken to one of the highest parts of the Ingeli Mountain (40km total elevation gain = 1997m), so participants should take heed of Eric’s warning and get your climbing & descending legs ready!
Book accommodation at the host venue, ANEW Ingeli Forest Lodge, for the startline on your doorstep and warm hosting at this cozy lodge!
With only 5 Delux units still avaiable (sleeps 4), don’t delay to secure this excellent value the Lodge has on offer to our runners!
ANEW Resort Ingeli Forest, Kokstad, KZN
30 July 2022
40km | 21km | 10km | 5km
6am | 7am | 7:30am | 7:30am | 7:40am
Book your mountain adventure & weekend retreat here: