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Looking ahead, Soutpansberg & Kruger2Canyon around the corner & new KK100 route!

The Future is Bright!

The last week has been unsettling for everyone in South Africa and down-right scary for so many who have been directly affected by the riots and looting. However, what stood out, despite the craziness, was the sense of community and love. People rallied together in service, to protect and help each other, their towns and shops, and an energy of solidarity and pride was felt in many places.

We feel that the best way forward is to have something to look forward to and I can honestly say that the KZNTR team is in good spirits and are feeling positive about the future. Considering the recent events, we are comfortable with our decision to postpone events for July and take races to the 100-person limit for August…

But having said that, the Covid stats are steadily dropping, so we are very hopeful that on Sunday Uncle Cyril drops the lockdown level and we find ourselves nestled in the mountains once again, putting on our racing shoes and tackling an epic adventure!

The Ingeli Mountain Marathon is lined up on the 31st of July and things are looking really good for this race to happen – runners can expect confirmation on Monday!

We are excited to get back out there and host you again – the KZNTR team loves these events as much as the runners do. The palpable energy at races, which keeps people coming back time after time, is felt by both the runners and our team – the thrill it gives us brings us closer together!

There’s no doubt that this time has been challenging but we are expecting even more people to want to get out onto the trails and race; to explore the places we daydream about and feel the joy of moving our bodies outside in nature!

See you on the trails,
Bruce & the KZNTR Team

ANEW Resorts Ingeli Forest Lodge, Kokstad, KZN
31 July 2021
40km | 21km | 10km | 5km
Great accommodation deal at the Lodge!

Have you seen the NEW ROUTE for the Karkloof 100 Miler??

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Kruger2Canyon Challenge

Excitement is mounting with the race (3rd time lucky after one cancellation and one postponement) now 1.5 months away! Andrew and Lauren have been on the ground strategizing and the team from Lowveld Trail Running is amped to throw their weight into the prep and race logistics as well.

With the notorious climbing on day 1, runners have had additional time to train, but more than 2 years after the last staging of the race, the overall mood is impatient – we cannot wait to come together for this unique celebration of trail running!

Kruger2Canyon has steadily become iconic event on the trail calendar. I mean, is there anything better than running in both the mountains and the bush??

The race is known for its rugged nature and unique landscapes. The route explores the immense diversity which encorporates the Kruger2Canyon biosphere… as I was saying, ‘mountains and bush’!

There are sections with runable trails and dirt tracks as well as technical, rough terrain and climbs. It is a truly unique course that can be summed up in a word… “adventure”.

Question is – are you up for it??

Franklyn Park, Hoedspruit
04 – 05 September 2021
Day 1: 42km (part of the Mountain Marathon Series) | 25km Mariepskop Mountain running | 10km | 5km
Day 2: 28km | 18km Big 4 bushveld running
Camping available at the venue.

Stunning Soutpansberg

The Soutpansberg Mountain Marathon is set for 15 August and will now run from an awesome little venue nestled up against this little known but spectacular mountain range.

Schoemansdal offers dorm accommodation and camping is available at great rates, so book yourself a package as the event only has 100 places available.

While the Soutpansberg has hardly been explored by trail runners to date, The Endangered Wildlife Trust has recognised how valuable it is in terms of biodiversity. By participating you will learn all about why EWT are focused on this particular range of mountains, as well as make a contribution to their projects simply by entering. Join KZNTR and EWT on this adventure.

15 August 2021
Schoemansdal, Louis Trichardt
42km | 21km | 10km