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Ingeli Mountain Weekend, What’s new at DNT 2021 & how to use a credit voucher

Ingeli Mountain Weekend
Accommodation special ends midday on Monday

The Ingeli Mountain Weekend is coming together as a fantastic weekend away, surrounded by forest, watched over by the mountain.

Mike Tredway has put his hand up to assist in guiding the 40km route, so he & Andrew can cover a range of paces. We are hoping to find a racing snake to set the pace up front and add an element of racing for those wanting to give the route a proper crak!

The accommodation special expires at midday on Monday, when bookings will revert back to the regular lodge rates.

Comfort Rooms: R1050 per night, sleeps up to 4
Deluxe Rooms: R1300 per night, sleeps up to 4 comfortably

Quick Info

ANEW Resort Ingeli Forest (near Kokstad)
5 – 7 February 2021
3km – 20km marked trails, 40km route option with gpx & guided options as above

No charge for the running, just book your accommodation below, pack your trail gear & see you next weekend!

With amazing facilities (pools, putt putt, kilometres of trails, lounge, deck etc etc), ANEW Ingeli throwing in lots of extras, and a small group of like-minded people, we can’t think of any reasons why not!

To book accommodation:

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DNT first 2021 Mountain Marathon race!

The postponement of the Ingeli Mountain Marathon until 31 July, Drakensberg Northern Trail is now the 1st race in the 2021 Mountain Marathon Series! Having ended off last year at DNT, it seems strange to be prepping for this again, but there is lots of new exciting stuff to look forward to on 6 March 2021!

Now starting at aha Alpine Heath Resort, there are great accommodation options available in newly renovated, 6 sleeper self-catering chalets (or room in a chalet) at the venue, or a luxury, fully catered option at supporting venue, Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge. Alpine Health has great facilities and really suits the family-friendly nature of KZNTR events. Having always been short of space at the venue, we are excited to maximize this element so that trail experiences don’t have to mean time away from your family! From pools, tennis, squash, horse-riding, jungle gyms and obviously trails, not only runners will fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day!

There will be minor changes to the 40km route (the route passes within 3km of Alpine Heath) and COMPLETELY NEW 20km, 10km & 5km routes. The routes will be released early next week. Follow the DNT event on Facebook HERE to be notified when those are available.

Changes aside, you can expect familiar top-class KZNTR hospitality, and the boundless mountain freedom!

To Enter or Book Accommodation:

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How To: Use a KZNTR credit voucher

When you have chosen which event you would like to use your voucher for, enter the event as you would normally do on the KZNTR website, select the eft option but do not process a payment.

All KZNTR Vouchers have a unique Voucher Code in the top right-hand corner.

When this is complete, send Nicola an email on info@kzntrailrunning.co.za indicating the race that you have entered and the voucher code you would like to use. She will then manually allocate this voucher to your entry and approve your registration.

NOTE: A voucher code is different to a promotional code and will therefore not work if you enter it into the promo code box.

If you have credit from a cancelled race, enter the event you would like to use your credit for and send Nicola an email. She will then transfer your credit.