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Honey Trails on Sunday. Inhaca360 website launch. New KZNTR event in April.

Move in nature at Honey Trail

January is passing in a blur and with it comes the final event of the Coastal Series at Honey Trails.

Not strictly coastal, but with other sea-side venues not being available, we needed to make a plan. And being so close to Durban, we felt that Honey Trails can squeeze in! We are sure you could see the sea if you stood on a ladder… 👀🧐

But that’s just semantics. Sunday brings another opportunity to get out into an open space, escape from the demands of busy world, to experience the joy of movement in nature…

Join us at Honey Trails for a bit of freedom and escape!

For those that have never run here before, expect a slightly narrower and technical trail with some uneven footing from time to time. A dare we mention the climb at the end on the 15km, and 10km… See you there

Sunday 30 January
Honey Trails, Inchanga (5min from Hillcrest)
15km | 10km | 5km
6am | 6:30am | 7am
R205 | R170 | R125

See you on the trails!!!
Andrew, Lauren & the KZNTR Team

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Inhaca360 website goes LIVE!

Finally all the details about Inhaca360!
It’s going to be an adventure – check out the different packages and ways of getting there!

For our theme song we’ve gone with Bob Dylan’s Mozambique and the final verse that captures the essence of this unique Island Run.

And when it’s time for leaving Mozambique
To say goodbye to sand and sea
You turn around to take a final peek
And you see why it’s so unique to be
Among the lovely people living free
Upon the beach of sunny Mozambique

Entries open Monday 31 January 10am – Only 60 Spots available!

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New event in Botha's Hill, KZN

Run out of the actual “Shed” at Talloula come and explore a new trail with KZNTR in Botha’s Hill. We don’t have final routes available just yet, but we can say that its going to be challenge with some climbs, especially on the long course which will measure 20km!

Very accessible from Durban and Hillcrest the super-convenient venue at Taloullah has a restaurant, Spa and lovely garden with great food options and coffee. There is ample parking and of course the best Trail Running shop with its full stock.

The early bird entries are already open and we will be releasing the routes soon!

Sunday 03 April
Taloullah, Botha’s Hill, KZN
20km | 12km | 5km
6am | 6:30am | 7am