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Thoughts from a primitive trail; register for the LIV Village Race plus North Coast Ultra

Going Primitive

When I step out of camp and into the bush with all I need in my backpack for the next few days, leaving the “real” world behind, the sense of freedom grows. It’s not instant, but I know its coming.

The noises are still there to begin with, not the bush noises, but the modern “noise” in my head…it’s important that I let them work through me quickly. I’m the second rifle and tuning into the environment is important – I need to be awake to natures signals, alert and searching for them and aware to respond to them.
It is this very primitive feeling that awakens a person in me that fades when I’m in the city. A person I met for the first time on my first primitive trail when I signed up for FGASA in January 2020. It was a beautiful moment, meeting this new Self, and the beginning of my trails guide journey, still in its infancy……

If you looked at the KZNTR insta-story yesterday you will already know that Lauren and I have been Out of Office and on trail. Not a running trail and no ordinary trail, but a primitive trail in the world-renowned Timbavati Game Reserve.

On a primitive trail, you sleep out in the bush, in the open, with a tiny fire and the night watch duty keeping you safe. You walk in wild spaces with nothing but your senses (and those of trained guides) to keep you safe. For most people this pushes the limits and at first one can be quite nervous, even anxious. But quickly the pace and rhythm of the bush and nature seep into your blood and through your body, and for a while, the rest of the world fades away as you engage your deepest core being. There is not much talking (you walk in silence to hear what is around you), so it becomes a meditative experience, with plenty of time with your thoughts. This amplified by the act of living in the bush in a simple way, and so the trail can be a tool to tap your inner self. I think a primitive trail in a Big 5 space is the ultimate tool to do this, but the reality is not everyone gets that chance.

In the same way, Trail Running offers us all an opportunity to tune into ourselves and to be more what us humans are meant to be and less what the modern world has made / requires us to be.

Lean in, take the leap, you’ll be surprised at what you find…….

Yours in trail,
Andrew Booth
15 October 2021

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North Coast Ultra

Run The Ultra Distance: 60km

The 60km Ultra Distance takes runners through every type of terrain available on the KZN North Coast. From sugar cane, indigenous forests, plantations, wetlands, estuaries, beautiful beaches…🏖️🌴

Q: How much of the 60KM route is on sand at NCU? 😎
A: A very challenging 15km will be run on sand. 😯
Q: Where does the 60km start & finish?
A: Seaton Estate in Ballito/Sheffield beach and ends in Blythedale Coastal Estate
Q: When do entries close?
A : Midday on Friday, 05 November 2021
Q: If the event is canceled due to Covid, will I get a refund?
A: Yes. 👍🏽NCU will refund 100% of your ticket value if the event is canceled due to Covid.
Q: What does my ticket include?
A: 60km Ultra entry, 2 nights free self-camping for one person, Race Medal, Sports Massage.
Q: Is there a payment plan for buying tickets?
A: Yes – KZNTR offer a payment plan for events with entry fees that are R1000 or more. Please check our NCU website for more info.
Q: Is there extra camping for supporting family?
A: yes, there is. Please visit the NCU website to find our more.


LIV2Run was founded by Lindi Meyer with the goal to foster hope and develop potential within children in the LIV Village and greater community. Their team have been consistent participants at KZN Trail Running events, drawing attention in the trail world through their constant podium performances as much as for their all-round great determination & sportsmanship.

Having fostered a great relationship through the years, KZN Trail Running have now partnered with LIV2Run to host a trail race at LIV Village. Situated in the hills above Hazelmere Dam, the routes are a combination of jeep and single track and form the basis of what the LIV2Run team train on. This is a great opportunity for the public not only to test themselves on these same trails, but also to immerse themselves deeper into the ethos and incredible vision behind by LIV Village.
The Village is a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children, providing a loving home with a trained foster mother. Their mission statement of “Rescue a child, restore a life, Raise a leader and Release a star” is truly inspirational.

The LIV Village Trail run is a fundraiser for the LIV2Run Team, valuable funds that will be used to sustain the program and continue making a tangible difference in these youth’s lives.

Saturday, 23 October 2021
LIV Village, Verulum, Durban North
19km | 13km | 5km
R205 | R170 | R125
U18s pay half-price

Add an Uzwelo Bag to your cart when you enter, either for a family member or to donate to a child at LIV Village.