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What’s your year end goal…? UITSOEK is rustig. Cascades here we come…

What's your goal? Drakensberg Trail Festival?

Focusing on a race or goal has been difficult for many, mainly because of the uncertainty of whether the actual goal event will take place. But also because day-to-day life has been different and fitting in exercise and running schedules has not always been top of the priority list. Many have also had Covid, which can be a big setback, and those who have had it should return to the trail slowly and with caution.

But we are at the start of a window of opportunity and if nothing we have learned to use one’s opportunities properly when they come along during these times. We have some very interesting races – some new, some old, through to the end of the year.

On 05 December we host the MMS final on the DNT course from Alpine Heath. The 40km route is legendary. The final will float to a new venue each year, so grab this chance to run here while you can! We ran the course on this same weekend in 2020 after postponing from March and found the course showed another side to itself – the flowers at this time of year are just beautiful!

The MMS Final forms part of the Drakensberg Trail Festival – multiple different distances will be on offer, great accommodation special available at Alpine Heath if you book through KZNTR and a real meeting of the trail community!

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Uitsoek and Trail Food Co.

If you don’t know by now, the venue at Uitsoek is rustic, but “rustig” and has everything we need.
Simple dorms, camping, hot showers, power to charge devices (signal sketchy so don’t bank on needing cellphones!) wash-up area and braais.

This year we have partnered with Trail Food Co. who prepare dehydrated trail food for outdoor lovers and they have designed a pack especially for our Uitsoekers!

Their meals make life easy in rugged environments without sacrificing taste or proper fuelling for mountain adventures. Plus they know no-one wants to spend hours stirring a pot after all day on the trail!

Their Uitsoek Mountain Marathon 2021 meal pack includes
🍳 2 x Breakfasts
🍴 1 x Lunch
🍲 2 x Dinners
☕ + Hot beverages of your choice.

You can tailor your pack to add / remove meals to suit you.
AND you can get 5% off by using the discount code “KZNTR5” when you check out.

BONUS is no delivery fee because TrailFood Co. will bring it straight to the event! 👌

Make sure you are “cooking with gas” and have maxi time around the fire by ordering here:

La Barista will also be at the event again brewing up great coffee and serving the best post-race burger you can get!

So ja – Uitsoek is rustic, but what more could you want for a magic weekend of trail running and vibe??

October full of back2back trail weekend's

It has not been a year of shying away from challenges for KZNTR, we have had to lay our lot on the line a number of times. Hosting two events on one weekend is a challenge, but not something entirely new to us.

October will kick off with the brand new Cascades-SLF Trail Run in Pietermaritzburg on 2 October, followed by The opening of Coastal Series at Blythedale on the North Coast.

There are two other doubleheader weekends in October (see our calendar on our website), but on each occasion one event is coastal and the other inland which means less travel for you to enjoy a KZNTR event!

Why not step up to the challenge and take on a back2bck weekend with KZNTR?