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Enter before the Price Increase, 1000 Hills Challenge and uMngeni River Run 2021

You NEED to run Rocky Bay!

Dear Trail Runners and Walkers,

I have thought long & hard before publishing this, because I know not everyone feels like this, and I don’t want to bring you down. But a lot of people are feeling this way, and we know that when you are in The Rutt, getting to the start line can be hard or even seem impossible, but everything changes after the first step. So keep reading…

For many people, including myself in recent times, life has felt grey. Cold, oppressive. Powerless, scary and unknown.
All of those are such low-energy emotions, so its no wonder that many people are feeling “super-bummed-out”.

But when looking for a “cool running shot” for the cover of this email, I was struck by the greens in this picture. So many different greens!! The texture, the life and the energy.
I wanted to be surrounded by those trees, soaking up the peace and tranquility that they exude. Absorbing their “greenness”.

The idea of moving through them seemed to call to my soul. No thoughts of responsibility, “what if”, or my To Do list.

Just being in the moment, surrounded by community and running, walking, moving.

And I think we could all use a bit of that right now!

See you at Rocky Bay,

Rocky Bay Resort, Scottburgh
29 August 2021
19km | 12km | 6km
R205 | R170 | R125

Walkers welcome on the 6km & 12km.

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Kruger2Canyon venue change

We are in the final stages of putting together Kruger2Canyon 2021 and the big news is that we are returning to our original venue at the school in Kampersrus!

Laerskool Mariepskop is a stunning little school right at the base of Mariepskop on which the mountain stage (Day 1) is run.

It’s a late change, which can unnerve people a bit, but we feel it’s very much in the interest of the race and will stand it in great stead this year and moving forward. The change to the course on Day 1 is only the climb on the mountain, which is back to the traditional route that was used historically by the school children whose parents were stationed at the military base on top of the mountain.
Day 2 is still run in the Blue Canyon Conservancy, but on different roads and trails.

By far the biggest reason for the change is to move away from the steep climb necessary to access the top of Mariepskop from the previous venue. Erosion and trail maintenance on the steep sections may have led to degradation of the environment instead of contributing to its conservation, which sits outside our environmental ethic at KZNTR. Other reasons include better facilities, easier access, no shuttles required on Day 2 and the support of the school staff and governing body in catering and providing for the race.

The proximity of the venue to outside accommodation has improved, so those with accommodation bookings in the greater area should not be inconvenienced.

Very little will change in terms of the camping options, but a few school dorms will now be available as extra accommodation, for which we will be open bookings soon.

Race entries close at midday on Friday 27 August 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Laerskool Mariepskop!

KTS call for volunteers

Entries for the 5th running of the Karkloof100 and 50 Miler, as well as the 42km and 21km close on 31 August 2021. Only entries for the 10km and 5km that will take place on Friday night ahead of the start of the 100 Miler will remain available after this.
So its decision time people…

Entries are open on

This is also a call to all those amazing people who put their hands up to volunteer on the official crew. The Karkloof Community. The glue that holds runners together at 1am in the dark and cold. The Die Hards. We need you! Our aid stations need you. Our runners need you!

We can’t promise you good weather, but we can promise a huge amount of gratitude, maybe a little runner attitude and…a crew T shirt!

So click the link and sign up to be part of the official workforce!