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Kruger2Canyon Venue Change

We are in the final stages of putting together Kruger2Canyon and we are returning to our original venue at the school in Kampersrus.

Laerskool Mariepskop is a stunning little school right at the base of Mariepskop on which the mountain stage (Day 1) are run.

It’s a late change, which can unnerve people a bit, but we feel it’s very much in the interest of the race and will stand it in great stead this year and moving forward. The change to the course on day 1 is only the climb on the mountain, which is back to the traditional way up that was even used by the school kids when their parents where part of the army base that lived on top of the mountain back in the day.

KZNTR Kruger2Canyon Challenge Sep21 - Image (1)
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Day 2 is still run in the Blue Canyon Conservancy, but on different roads and trails.

By far the biggest reason for the change is to move away from the steep climb necessary to access the top from the previous venue. Erosion and trail maintenance through the steep sections may mean that we degrade the environment instead of contribute to its conservation, which sits outside our environmental ethic at KZNTR. Other reasons also include better facilities, easier access and the support of the school staff and governing body in catering and providing for the race.

The proximity of the venue to outside accommodation has improved, so with those with accommodation bookings in the greater area, the change is not going to be an inconvenience.

Very little will change in terms of the camping options, but a few school dorms have become available as extra accommodation for which we will be open bookings soon.

KZNTR Kruger2Canyon Challenge Sep21 - Image (2)

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