Mountain Exploring. Winter League Race 2. Barn Owl and WESSA pricing.

Where is this? A good guess might get you to the pilot event...

While much in the last few months has not worked out as planned, KZNTR has just been appointed to explore trail running opportunities in this incredibly beautiful and somewhat unexplored range when it comes to trail running.

The project culminates in a Pilot Event for which only a handful of spots will be available to the public. So we suggest you watch this space and engage with it as we show you more over the next few weeks. You never know you might just get yourself one of those spots!

Winter League

It’s the second “race” of the Virtual Winter League this weekend! Pick your distance and elevation on a local course to match our home terrain at WESSA and submit your result on the link provided on the entry page on the KZNTR website.

Obviously you can run WESSA itself by booking your start time too.

On the final Sunday of the month we will have the prize giving where we will be giving away some cool prizes to those who complete the series (3 of 4). So if you missed out last weekend you can still run each weekend in July to be in the final results and draw. Finishers will also get a badge and certificate.

Prizes include:

To Book Winter League Tickets:

Barn Owl and WESSA pricing

We have experimented with trail access pricing quite a bit as we have come out of lockdown and it’s been a very interesting part of the journey.

We started out pretty high where we put a lot of work in getting Karkloof Canopy Tour prepped for our first weekend out. We have been able to scale the pricing down and settled a lot lower in a range where it becomes more affordable, especially to families looking for a bit of weekend adventure.
WESSA is slightly more expensive as it is a declared nature reserve and 50% of your fee is paid as a conservation levy.

We have also adjusted our entry system that now allows you to pick your own time to start.

Note these trails are open 7 days a week!
Barn Owl (5k + 10K…. (20k coming soon)

  • Adults: R45
  • Kids: Free

WESSA (3k, 5k, 11k, 15k + 22k):

  • Adults: R60
  • Kids: R20

To Book at the Barn Owl:

To Book at WESSA: