KZNTR Event Security – Precautionary Measures!

Dear Trail Runners & Walkers,

It is very unfortunate that we need to let you know there has been a recent occurrence of theft at our events. Two vehicles were tampered with at our event at Hilton College on Sunday and credit cards, phones etc stolen.

These are very sophisticated criminals who pass themselves off as runners, are able to gain access to vehicles, possibly by remote-jamming, and are able to transact with stolen cards very swiftly while the victims are still out on the trail.

We do already have a lot of security measures in place and will be taking steps to increase visible security in parking areas. Car guards will be in cell phone contact with our head of security and will monitor vehicles and people coming and going. We engage with the local authorities ahead of each event, but we will be requesting visible policing where possible.

While we are doing all that we can, we ask you to please play your role and take note of the following:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot rely on a sense of security at seemingly secure venues (the recent Kearsney road race was targeted as well). Be aware and take precautions always.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car, keep them with you. Please carry a pack or waist-belt for these items.
  • KZNTR does not offer a key-keeping / bag-drop service. It is too easy for criminals posing as runners to claim keys and it puts our staff at risk.
  • Leave kit bags out of sight in the boot.
  • When arranging an entry substitution, always confirm the details of the entry with us directly before paying the seller. Other event organisers have reported fraudulent third-party sales of ghost entries taking place.

While we by no means want to breed mistrust among what is an incredible trail community, please be vigilant and let us know if you ever notice anything suspicious at events.

See you on the trails,

Andrew, Lauren and the KZNTR Team