29 October 2023

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About the Hatchery

The Hatchery, a beautifully rustic and renovated prawn farm will be the host venue of the inaugral “Prawn Trails”. This unique course offers a blend of challenges and rewards, featuring sandy tracks for an extra kick of excitement and stretches of thornbush for a touch of wild adventure. As you race through this coastal terrain, you’ll be treated to sweeping, scenic views of the stunning Amatikulu Estuary and Ocean Beyond. To top it off, The Hatchery boasts inviting swimming pools and cozy braai areas, making it an ideal post-run hangout spot. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of off-road running in a coastal paradise.


Short Course

Start Time: 07:00am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 5km
Elevation gain: 107m
Aid Stations: 1 station

Download file: KZNTR The Prawn Trails Oct 2023 - Short Course.gpx

Medium Course

Start Time: 06:30am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 10km
Elevation gain: 193m
Aid Stations: 2 stations

Download file: KZNTR The Prawn Trails Oct 2023 - Medium Course.gpx

Long Course

Start Time: 06:00am
Distance: 18km
Elevation gain: 257m
Aid Stations: 3 station

Download file: KZNTR The Prawn Trails Oct 2023 - Long Course.gpx

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