The Crater Trail

Cancelled for 2024

About The Crater Trail

*Unfortunately due to low attendance, we have had to cancel the event. Please note that all those who have entered will be contacted to discuss vouchers and refunds. We are keen to get this event up and running and will make plans to get it up and going again soon! keep tuned.

Embark on the captivating Crater Trail embedded just North of Pretoria. This remarkable site witnessed the impact of a meteorite, approximately half the size of a football field, leaving behind a landscape that invites exploration. On this day, participants have the opportunity to traverse trails that wind through a fantastical terrain, adorned with a diverse array of plant, bird and animal species characteristic of the Sourish-mixed bushveld.

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of this location, as the trail leads you around and down into the Crater, now transformed into a stunning lake measuring 1.4 kilometers wide and plunging to a depth of 200 meters. The event promises to be a unique experience, capturing the essence of history while guiding runners through the breathtaking and diverse landscapes that define the Crater Trail.

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Long Course

Start Time: 6:00am
Distance: 26km
Elevation Gain: 343m
Aid Stations: 3

Compulsory Equipment:
2l Hydration Capacity
Fully Charged Phone

Download file: KZNTR The Crater Trail Mar 2024 - 25km Course.gpx
Download file: KZNTR The Crater Trail Mar 2024 - 16km Course.gpx

Medium Course

Start Time: 6:30am
Distance: 16km
Elevation Gain: 258m
Aid Stations: 2

Short Course

Start Time: 7:00am
Distance: 8km
Elevation Gain: 223m
Aid Stations: 1

Download file: KZNTR The Crater Trail Mar 2024 - 8km Course.gpx

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