Eston Trail Run

27 August 2023

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About Eston Trail

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure at the Eston Trail Run, where the vibrant atmosphere of the farmers market meets the thrill of a trail run. This wildly popular event takes runners through sugar cane fields, farmlands, and the stunning bushveld. But that’s not all! Medium and long course participants also get to dash through the Tala Private Game Reserve, where wildlife sightings are abundant. Prepare to be awed by wildebeest, zebra, and majestic antelope as you conquer grasslands, thornveld, and race past scenic dams. Lace up, join us, and let the Eston Trail Run take you on a heart-pounding journey through Estonia’s countryside!

Entries Close @ Midday, Friday
Late Entries Available


Short Course

Start Time: 08:00am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 5km
Elevation gain: 81.8m
Aid Stations: 1 station

Download file: KZNTR Eston Trail Run Aug 2023 - 5km Course.gpx

Medium Course

Start Time: 07:30am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 10km
Elevation gain: 203m
Aid Stations: 2 stations

Download file: KZNTR Eston Trail Run Aug 2023 - 10km Course.gpx

Long Course

Start Time: 07:00am
Distance: 20km
Elevation gain: 394m
Aid Stations: 3 stations

Download file: KZNTR Eston Trail Run Aug 2023 - 20km Course.gpx

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Beaumont Eston Farmers' Club

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