Karkloof100 Fever, Coastal Series – Rocky Bay and 1 Month until Golden Gate!

This is our greatest show!

“Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for
Been searching in the dark, your sweat soaking through the floor
And buried in your bones there’s an ache that you can’t ignore
Taking your breath, stealing your mind
And all that was real is left behind
Don’t fight it, it’s coming for you, running at you
It’s only this moment, don’t care what comes after
Your fever dream, can’t you see it getting closer
Just surrender ’cause you feel the feeling taking over
It’s fire, it’s freedom, it’s flooding open
It’s a preacher in the pulpit and you’ll find devotion
There’s something breaking at the brick of every wall, it’s holding
All that you know
So tell me do you wanna go?”

“The Greatest Show by Hugh Jackman” sum up what we are all feeling at KZNTR right now.

There is Karkloof100 fever in the air around Howick as the biggest field for any 100 Miler race run in South Africa slowly begins to gather. It’s impossible to say exactly how many of the 156 confirmed entrants will stand on the start line come 8pm on Friday night, but hopefully all of them.

This race is the pinnacle of KZN Trail Running in many ways, its an expression of who we are and want to become more, and it reaches out to the entire running community to join in as part of the race. There are 40 volunteers and 35 crew members on the event team and hundreds more crewing and pacing their runners across the course. So join us in the Karkloof this weekend, even if just for a few hours. Visit and aid-station or the start and finish to experience what it is all about.

Also watch our social media channels, and search the hashtag #KK100 we will be bringing the start of the race on Saturday night to you LIVE of Facebook.

Coastal Series kicks off at Rockbay on 29 Sept 2019

Next Sunday we welcome participants to the 2019 edition of KZNTR’s Coastal Series! Covering three beautiful coastal venues, trail enthusiasts are in for a treat!

First up, Rocky Bay trails will venture through lush indigenous forest, rustling sugarcane, past old dams and orchards.

Blythedale will mark the second stage with views of a stunning estuary and mangrove swamp, coastal forest and a cracker sandy challenge!

Completing the trio will be an urban gem, Kenneth Stainbank. Neatly tucked away from the urban bustle, it will take you through lush forest and past roaming wildlife, with the castle watching over your return.

You can still be part of the full series or opt for single events. Click below to enter Rocky Bay.

WILDSERIES Golden gate Challenge in 1 month - Entries available

One month till race weekend!

Time is speeding by and we are already gearing up to welcome you to the beauty of Golden Gate National Park!
Covering three days of rustic trails, this event promises to be a great challenge. If you’re still on the fence, we suggest you take a serious moment to come to the trail side!

Su-Yen, a great supportter of Wild Series and famous chef will be heading up the catering as a fund raising effort and to improve the food offerings to something incredible.

Now offering both 3-day and 2-day race options, you can become part of this epic event:

  • 3-day or 2-day full packages (meals and accommodation included)
  • 3-day or 2-day run only packages
  • Tented or self-camping spectator options
  • Meal tickets

And an experience that will last a life time! Every year, Golden Gates Challenge has grown and earned the love of its participants. So put on your trainers, prepare for your next road trip and let’s gather where beauty and trails sync.