Port2Port launches, Monties extended cut-off times and Three Cranes entries to open

The Story behind the race - Port2Port

The original Wild Coast ultra-endurance event was inadvertently hosted 500 years ago with the wreck of the Sao Joao* near Port Edward. Of the 120 survivors (from an initial crew of 600) only 25 made it back to the outpost of Maputo; to be clear that’s 25 finishers, 95 DNF and 480 DNS – an attrition rate far too low to be a qualifying race for the modern-day Western States 100. The lonely survivors, in their defence, did not have access to our performance gels and bars and resorted to snacking on the local crabs and a leather boot as their main form of nutrition.

Port2Port, a single-stage 100km footrace, follows a marked route across the remote Wild Coast between Port St. Johns and Port Edward. In addition to the Ultra, several “shorter” distances (70km, 45km, 20km and 5km) are available to allow runners of varying capabilities to experience this breath-taking forgotten wilderness.
Much like the local Ghost crabs, participants will need to strategically negotiate the ocean tides, sand dunes, estuaries, and river crossings, leaving their footprints on this wild terrain, at least until the tide clears them away again.
Venture – the challenge is yours!

For now, you can find out more on the Facebook event page by clicking on the link below.

The Southern Lodestar Foundation and KZNTR will be extending the breakfast feeding program to a number of schools along the section of coastline.

*It is believed that Port St Johns takes its name from the Sao Joao ship.

New Cut offs for MAS2019!

South Africa’s oldest trail run becomes more accessible! The previous cut-off at the WILDSERIES Mont Aux Sources Challenge has seen many runners stressed and pushing too hard, devastated at not making the cut or simply not entering at all.

But that is changing!

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife have agreed to allow runners to be out on the mountain for longer, with the final cut-off at Witsieshoek moving to 4:30pm! Runners arriving at Witsieshoek in the final 60min before cut-off (3:30 – 4:30pm) will need to wait and continue down as a group (in terms of mountain safety), but will still be able to finish this epic event!

The other time to note is 12noon – runners must have reached the chain ladders by then to be able to continue.

“Trail running has evolved a lot over the last few years. The equipment and safety measures in place now allow for more generous cut-offs, making the race more accessible. We feel even strong hikers will be able to participate with these new allowances” said race organiser Andrew Booth. Hanno Langenhoven from WILDLANDS says “I’ve had the privilege of sweeping the race twice in recent years and feel that these cut-off changes along with the move to the Mahai Campsite are repositioning the race in a very exciting space!”

WildSeries Three Cranes Challenge 2020

If you’ve been following our social media platforms, you would have noticed the launch of the WILDSERIES Three Cranes Challenge 2020. The call had been strong, and both the WILDLands and KZN Trail Running teams are stoked to launch the next running of this event!

Opening up to a wider field of participants, we have a 2-day option allowing you to participate for any two of the three days! If you were at the event this year, you would have gotten the full experience of a more family orientated and spectator vibe.

2020 promises to be even better, with spectator and kiddies options available to encourage the family vibe as we did in 2019. Why should you be a part of it? Because every trail enthusiast deserves to experience the Three Cranes Challenge!

Entries open 13 August 2019 at 10am – we have a SPECIAL surprise for you…
Follow our social media platforms for regular updates and further details.

Event Information:

  • Venue:  Nelson Mandela Capture Site, Howick
  • Date: 20 – 23 February 2020
  • Registration: Thursday, 20 Feebruary 2020
  • Distances: 29km | 25km or 40km | 23km
  • Format: 3 or 2 Day Staged Trail Run