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KZNTR’s most popular single day race, Andrew’s HESC Charity Run and Monties family vibe.

1000 Hills Challenge

Part of the KZNTR Big 6 events, the 1000 Hills Challenge has been one of our most popular single day events for the past 3 years. And for good reason! The mesmerising banks of Nagle Dam where stunning rolling landscapes and the beautiful Msinsi game reserve await is a stunning, lesser explored location. This year’s addition of accommodation options give the chance to soak this up to the full. The 1000 Hills Challenge is an event that promises to equally challenge and reward you with breath-taking sights each step of the way. You may cry and curse, but we guarantee that the sense of accomplishment will make up for it!

If you’re looking to test yourself physically and mentally, we suggest the 38km and 22km courses. If not, try out the more moderate but equally exciting 10km or 5km that can be an adventure for the whole family. A fully stocked race village, including the KZNTR KidZone, along the dam’s banks will be a perfect escape for a Sunday morning. A time to kick back, indulge in offerings and immerse yourself in the trail community and lifestyle!

There is still some camping accommodation available, if you are wanting to make the most of the trip into the Valley! Entries close this week, so get ready for a great winter escape!

Event Info:

  • Date: Sunday, 28 June 2019
  • Venue: Nagle Dam Picnic Site
  • Events: 5km | 10km | 22km | 38km
  • Start times (am): 8:00 | 7:45 | 7:30 | 7:00

Fully stocked race village (food, coffee, TrailShed and more), KZNTR KidZone and aQuelle to all finishers

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Family vibe at WILDSERIES Mont-Aux-Sources Challenge 2019!

If you haven’t heard, the 2019 Mont Aux Sources Challenge race village is moving to the Mahai Campsite! Not only that, but there are now spectator options when booking, so the whole family can enjoy the weekend nestled at the foothills of the northern Drakensberg Mountains.

One of SA’s top 10 campsites, it is a perfect escape for participants and spectators alike. Expect a vibrant and family-friendly setting – if you were at WILDSERIES Three Cranes Challenge or Kruger2Canyon Challenge 2019, then you know what to expect!

Aiming to make the event more accessible and budget friendly, there are a number of package and single-entry options available – mix and match to suit your needs. We have also introduced a KidZone service, peace of mind for parents while on course.

See you in the heart of the Berg!

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Andrew's HESC Charity Run

I was 58km in and still felt good, the legs were ticking over and dreams of finishing the 100km through the Kapama Gane Reserve before sunset seemed possible, almost definite. Frikkie Pienaar decided not to push past the 50km mark, struggling with his hip, “Too much consistent running I need a few climbs” he said. 4 kilometres later and my body had begun to shut down, the legs could still tick over, but the rest of me had deteriorated really quickly. I tried to resent the system through a few extended breaks and a purge or 2, but it seemed futile. I was frustrated, my legs were working, but my stomach, core temp and head were not co-operating.

Frikkie re-joined me on what had become a stagger. Sven shouted words of encouragement. But they fell on my deaf ears. Today we would fail, sunset was coming and I wasn’t going to make the mark.

I lay under a big Jackalberry tree while messages from supporters far and wide were played to me. Overwhelmed by emotion I cried behind by glasses with my head hanging. But then he most powerful moment of the day came. I wasn’t feeling my frustration but those of the people fighting the battle for our Wildlife, our Rhinos, our Elephants. I had failed like they had so many times. Metaphorically I had came across a poached Rhino. We had lost a battle and I was no longer removed from the reality of the battle we face. I was right there, under that tree, staring it in the face.

I lifted my head, removed my sunglasses, gathered all those around and wept as I explained my thoughts to them, I wasn’t going to go further than 70km. We had lost this battle, but we have no option but to win the war. We will return on the weekend after Kruger2Canyon Challenge 2020 and do battle with the sunset around Kapama again!