Port2Port Ultra Announcement and Lesotho Ultra Social Media

Port2Port Ultra - 8 February 2020

“This single stage Ultra footrace follows a 100km marked route across the rugged coastline of the Pondoland Marine Protected Area between Port St. Johns and Port Edward. It showcases the breath-taking coastal valleys and pristine estuaries in the largely rural and undeveloped regions of the Wild Coast. The race traverses the remote and untamed sand dunes, thornveld, grassland, and subtropical forests that make up South Africa’s forgotten wilderness.” said Martin Crous who will be directing the first time event under the KZNTR banner. “I’ve loved my journey into trail as a runner, expanding that into race directing is incredibly exciting for me,” Martin said
The race lends itself to participants running a tactical and strategic race as they encounter tides, route choices, and boat ferries or swims across the estuaries.
In addition to the Ultra, several “shorter” distances (70km, 45km, 20km and 5km) will be offered through the majestic landscape to ensure runners of different capabilties get some of this experience.
“Having experienced ultra running along this section of coastline, I know its going to make an incredible race and experience. I might even find myself running the inaugural 100km having handed over the directing responsilibilites to Martin, which I am very excited about” said Andrew Booth of KZNTR.
Over the next month we will be making a number of announcements and building the excitement the race, so keep your eyes peeled.

Lesotho Ultra Social Media

We have taken some fairly drastic action on the Lesotho Ultra Facebook Page after it was consistently being hit by spammers! We have deleted all the followers, but kept the page and all its history. This means you have relike the page to stay in touch with the race through Facebook.

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