WESSA this weekend, DNT2020 launches and new KZNTR website login functionality

Celebrate the new "Nature Reserve" status

On the edge of Howick lies SA’s newest official nature reserve, WESSA Umngeni Valley. A local haven abounding with natural beauty, exploring WESSA on foot will both challenge participants with its tough terrain and reward them with hidden gems and wildlife around each corner.
WESSA uMngeni Valley Trail Run 2019:
  • Date: Sunday, 30 June 2019
  • Venue: 1 Karkloof Rd, Howick
  • Events: 5km | 12km | 22km
  • Pricing: R105 | R145 | R180
  • U18s pay half price!!
Please note that there will be an additional R50 charge for late entries on the day (excl U18’s).
The KZNTR KidZone is available for children (2yrs+), where they will be under the attentive eye of our experienced childminders. The WESSA Eco-treasure Hunt is always a highlight, so parents can feel confident that their littlies will have a great morning as well! Expect a fully stocked and vibey race village, with food, beverages and trail gear to make it a fantastic morning out for the whole family!!

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Create your KZNTR Login

You are now able to create a Login to the www.kzntrailrunning.co.za system and view all your entries, make changes to things like shirt sizes and stay in touch with your events easily.
We will also be developing this further to enable seemless entries, full results and other bonuses to all members.
Visit our website today to create your account:

DNT entries to open on 10 July

DNT has grown into one of KZN Trail Running’s flagship events that delivers mountain running in its purest form! Vast landscapes, sections of off-trail running and proper climbs & descents, the 40km and 20km are the beasts of the event. But the shorter distances still offer that sense of expanse and adventure.

It’s daunting to commit to such an event and definitely not easy to conquer! But if you don’t take that first leap of faith, you will never know what you are capable of. Take the leap, commit to training. Give yourself the chance to stand on top of a mountain, having experienced something tangible, yet indescribable, potentially mindset-altering.

If mountains enthrall you, add DNT2020 to your list – it just might change you!

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