The Big 6

KZNTR's Premier trail running events

KZNTR’s “Big 6” are our premier events guaranteed to provide the experience of a lifetime and leave you with memories that will endure just as long. Depending on your choice of event package they often include a garment, race pack, meals and tented accommodation.

Taking place at spectacular locations around the country, these are the events that you want to put on your bucket list.

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23rd March 2019
High Altitude, Marathon Distance, Epic Terrain.
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30th May - 1st June 2019
Ultra distance over 3 days through the rugged Eastern Cape coastline.
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6th-7th July 2019
2 Day Stage Race Through The Bushveld & Valleys Of The Lowveld Canyons.
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28th July 2019
A KZNTR Classic, in the heart of KZN Trail Running back country.
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21st-22nd September 2019
100 Miles Through The Heart of KZN
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23rd November 2019
A Grueling Ultra Skymarathon In The High Mountains of Lesotho.
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Who We Are

Since 2009 we've played a central role in the sport by providing a trail running calendar with all of KZN’s events. We host a number of events throughout the year ranging from 5km through to 160km (100 miles).