The Farmer’s Daughter

Table Bookings

The Farmer’s Daughter is a popular countryside restuarant that serves as the base for the Karkloof100 Miler event. To streamline the use of the cafe during the event, a booking system has now been introduced. These will be allocated two time slots for dinner on both Friday and Saturday nights and for Sunday breakfast as well. The bookings will be taken on a first come first serve basis, but will only be confirmed on a receipt of a booking fee of R200. Please note that this amount will be deducted from the final amount on the bill that is due. Meals and time slots are as follows:

  • Friday Dinner (18h00-19h45, 20h00-22h00)
  • Saturday Dinner (18h00-19h45, 20h00-22h00)
  • Sunday Breakfast (07h30-09h15, 09h30-11h30)

*Please be considerate and vacate the table when the reservation ends so that the next reservation can be attended to. 

For more information on the Karkloof100 event, click Here.

Friday Dinner

Time Slot 1: 18h00-19h45

Time Slot 2: 20h00-22h00

Saturday Dinner

Time Slot 1: 18h00-19h45

Time Slot 2: 20h00-22h00

Sunday Breakfast

Time Slot 1: 07h30-09h15

Time Slot 2: 09h30-11h30

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