Run Collective Trail Run

07 April 2024

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with the Run Collective’s trail run, kicking off from Bothas Hill and descending through stunning landscapes. Brace yourself for a spectacle of breathtaking vistas and nature’s wonders at every turn – picture majestic mountains and verdant landscapes that will leave you awestruck. But wait, there’s more! The grand finale awaits at Talloula Treat Cafe, where you can replenish your energy with delectable delights, sip on a steaming cup of joe, and indulge in mouthwatering brekkies for a thoroughly deserved treat. This isn’t just any ordinary run – it’s a trail-blazing extravaganza that promises fun and excitement at every step!


Short Course

Start Time: 07:00am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 6km
Elevation gain: 219m
Aid Stations: 2 station

Download file: KZNTR Run Collective Trail Run Feb 2023 - 6km Course.gpx

Medium Course

Start Time: 06:30am | Walkers Welcome
Distance: 11km
Elevation gain: 452m
Aid Stations: 3 stations

Download file: KZNTR Run Collective Trail Run Feb 2023 - 10km Course.gpx

Long Course

Start Time: 06:00am
Distance: 18km
Elevation gain: 894m
Aid Stations: 4 stations

Download file: KZNTR Run Collective Trail Run - Long Course.gpx

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