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What are KZNTR Experiences?

Traditionally KZNTR running has hosted trail running events across the KZN province and regularly to the Lesotho Highlands and Northern most reaches of the Drakensberg Mountains in Limpopo. These typically involve trail races traversing through some of KZN’s favourite and much loved trails. KZNTR Experiences introduces a new way exploring KZN’s landscape with some new exciting locations acting as a host for a number of new trails traversing through some of KZN’s Big Five Reserves with Andrew Booth as your very own trail guide.

Zululand Experience

The Zululand Experience is an adventure traversing the vast and diverse landscape surrounding the Ngwenya community over 3 days. Here runners will get familiar with the area, enjoy home-cooked traditional food, locally brewed beer and stories with the local old ‘Madala’ and, of course, race across 20km’s of Zululand’s Beautiful landscape with a unique Ngwenya style race complemented by KZN Trail Running to create a truly spectacular experience.

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Uitsoek - Lowveld Trail

The Uitsoek-Lowveld Trails Package starts of with the challenging Uitsoek Mountain Marathon followed by four day (three nights) wild walking adventure with Lowveld Trail Co. in the renowned Timbivati Game Reserve. Guided by the experienced Wayne Te Brake and backed by our very own Andrew Booth, with limited entries, this experience is definitely worth getting on top of.


The Somkhanda Game Reserve is a community owned Big-5 Reserve strecthing over 12000 ha of rolling hills and natural bushlands. It is owned by the Emvokweni Trust who represents the local Gumbi community and co-managed by the WILDTRUST programme WILDLANDS. Together, they aim to realise the ecotourism potential of the reserve and seek to improve ecosystem management and conserve the natural, and in some cases endangered, wildlife. Take this opportunity to explore one of Northern KZN’s Big-5 Reserves in one of KZNTR’s guided trail experience.

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The Manyoni Private Game Reserve is located in the heart of Zululand and was initially formed as part of the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. Today it is a premier big-five safari destinations with 23000 ha of spectacular Zululand scenery and populated by diverse and abundant wildlife making it an ideal location for some great game viewing. KZNTRs Experiences is a chance to make some fantastic memories as we take you  on a journey through these magnificent lands.

Manukuza Letaba Backpack and Slackpack

The Manukuza Letaba trails meander along the major water sources of the area. These are the perenial Letaba and non-perenial Klein Letaba Rivers which also form the borders of the reserve and, consequently that of the Kruger National Park. Whilst they serve as borders, they are unfenced allowing wildlife  natural movement in and out of the reserve and serve as a source of spectacular sightings for all those that traverse this amazing wilderness. Come and explore these fantastic trails with KZNTR’s Experiences which will surely provide some exciting and memorable times.

KZNTR Manukuza Letaba Experience
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Ranger Patrol

Rangers are the first and last line of defence in protecting our wildlife and ecosystems. Working in the African bush is not for the faint-hearted as rangers have to protect high-value species such as rhino and elephants, often leading to armed contact with poachers. Ranger Patrol is a KZNTR experience that will give you the opportunity to get out into the field and experience a couple days in the extraordinary life of our rangers.

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