Mountain Marathon Series

04 July to 05 December 2020

Series Info

Please visit the relevant event pages for more information about each event.

Series bundle entries (includes all 5 races) limited to 100 runners.

Along with 30 invited elite contenders, 70 Mountain Marathon Series package entries are available to anyone looking for an ambitious goal in 2020. The package entry includes entry to the races and a Mountain Marathon Series garment. Race entries for each of the five events can still be purchased individually on the relevant KZNTR entry pages (refer to the links below). You don’t need to buy the Mountain Marathon Series package entry to be a part of the series, but it is the more affordable option as there is a saving of R1 500. 

To take part in the Mountain Marathon Series, runners must enter and finish at least three of the four following races leading up to the final: Kruger2Canyon (Day 1), Mnweni Marathon (newly managed by KZNTR!), Uitsoek Mountain Marathon and/or Lesotho Ultra. Series participants must then also enter and finish the final: Drakensberg Northern Trail.

Ranking is based on a point system: 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, …, 12th place = 12 points, etc. The top 10 male and female runners with the lowest number of points at the end of the fourth race in the series (Lesotho Ultra) will be invited by KZNTR to the final at Drakensberg Northern Trail on 05 December 2020. If you are invited to the final but have already paid for your Drakensberg Northern Trail entry then you will be reimbursed accordingly by KZNTR. 

The overall series ranking is calculated by adding the runner’s three best results plus their result in the final.

Prize money is available for both the male and female podiums. The R140 000 total prize purse will be split accordingly: 

  • Each race in the series
    • 1st place – R4 000
    • 2nd place – R2 000
    • 3rd place – R1 000 
  •  Overall series ranking
    • 1st place – R20 000
    • 2nd place – R10 000
    • 3rd place – R5 000

Only individuals who have completed four events in the series (including the final) will be eligible for prize money and series swag.

For those not contending for prizes, the Mountain Marathon Series is a bucket-list challenge for your trail running calendar. 

If you’ve already entered one of the five events and would like to change your entry to enter the series, please email info@kzntrailrunning.co.za.

Although there is only one category for the Mountain Marathon Series (scratch male and female), age group category winners in the series will be acknowledged at the final prize giving at the Drakensberg Northern Trail on 05 December 2020.

The runner must carry the following compulsory equipment with them for the duration of each race. The BASIC list should be seen as the absolute minimum equipment deemed necessary to successfully complete the courses. Additional compulsory equipment may be required depending on the race day weather conditions. 

The runner must be responsible to take any and all equipment they may require for the marathon distance mountain races based on their trail running experience and the weather conditions. 

Compulsory equipment will be checked once at race registration and then again at the finish line. Runners will receive 2 penalty points for each item of compulsory equipment that is missing, which will be added to their overall ranking points. Runners that have more than three items missing will be disqualified from the race. 

  • BASIC: 
    • Cell phone (fully charged)
    • 1-litre water carrying capacity
    • Waterproof jacket with hood
    • Whistle
    • Strapping (100x5cm minimum)
    • Emergency blanket
    • Food reserve (200 calories)
  • COLD WEATHER (additional to BASIC): 
    • Long-sleeve thermal base layer
    • Tights or waterproof pants or thermals
    • Waterproof gloves
    • Beanie or neck-scarF
  • HOT WEATHER (additional to BASIC): 
    • 1.5-litre water carrying capacity
  • Recommended equipment:
    • Hydration vest
    • Personal cup
    • Peak cap
    • Sunglasses
    • Arm sleeves
    • Spare warm clothing
    • GPS watch
    • Headlamp (with spare batteries)
    • Anti-chafe cream
    • Sun cream
    • More substantial first aid kit
    • Race food

Enter Here

Details Price Qty
Mountain Marathon Series (5 Races)show details + R3,250.00 (ZAR)  
Mountain Marathon Series (4 Races)show details + R2,600.00 (ZAR)  


Details Price Qty
Tented Accommodation - Both Nights (5 Races)show details + R4,000.00 (ZAR)  
Tented Accommodation - Friday Night (5 Races)show details + R2,000.00 (ZAR)  
Tented Accommodation - Saturday Night (5 Races)show details + R2,000.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Both Nights (5 Races)show details + R1,500.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Friday Night (5 Races)show details + R750.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Saturday Night (5 Races)show details + R750.00 (ZAR)  
Tented Accommodation - Both Nights (4 Races)show details + R3,200.00 (ZAR)  
Tented Accommodation - Friday Night (4 Races)show details + R1,600.00 (ZAR)  
Tented Accommodation - Saturday Night (4 Races)show details + R1,600.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Both Nights (4 Races)show details + R1,200.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Friday Night (4 Races)show details + R600.00 (ZAR)  
Self-camping - Saturday Night (4 Races)show details + R600.00 (ZAR)  

KidZone Bookings

Details Price Qty
KidZone Ticket (per Child, 5 Races)show details + R150.00 (ZAR)  
KidZone Ticket (per Child, 4 Races)show details + R120.00 (ZAR)  

Event Garments

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*To view our T’s & C’s, refund and substitutions policies and FAQ, please click HERE.



The Mountain Marathon Series is a brand new series showcasing Southern Africa’s best trails and talent. The Mountain Marathon Series combines five prestigious mountain races in a format that hasn’t been done before locally. 

Each race is run in different areas of the Drakensberg mountains, all with a distance of +/- 40km and an elevation gain in excess of 1600m. These are the races that every trail runner should experience, and now we’ve brought them together in one exciting series: Five races, one winner! The series is for the competitive elites hunting prestige and prize money, the weekend warriors looking for a new challenge, road runners wanting to experience the Drakensberg, general mountain goats, and families looking for a memorable weekend away. 

The Mountain Marathon Series showcases the length, extent and pure majesty of the Drakensberg mountain range – from the highlands of Lesotho right to the most northern section in Limpopo. Runners are guaranteed spectacular scenery, a challenge against the altitude (and each other) and a soul-enriching journey over the Berg’s basalt peaks and buttresses. 

This is a marathon series unlike any other in Southern Africa. Be one of the first to complete the series and/or take home your share of the R140,000 prize purse.

The series takes you from the border of KZN and the Free State to Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Lesotho, across the ridgelines, rivers and ravines of the Drakensberg mountain range. Expect altitude, expect leg-burning climbs, expect dramatic descents, expect exhilarating racing at the front of the field, expect wild weather, expect a challenge and look forward to feeding your soul from the foothills to the summit.

Online Entries and Registration

Online entries will be available from  Thurday, 19 December 2020 at 10:00am and will close on Friday, 26 June 2020 at Midday. Please refer to the race page for each event for registration details.

Why Enter the Series?

  • It’s the first of its kind in Southern Africa – be a part of it!
  • Win prize money
  • Get collectable series swag and a series garment
  • Save money with a reduced packaged entry fee 
  • Have an epic adventure in the Drakensberg
  • Earn serious bragging rights

Accommodation Information

You can choose to purchase the self camping option or to book your own accommodation separately by visiting the relevant event-specific pages for more information.


Please note that substitutions are applicable to an administration fee of R50 per substitute. Substitutions will close a week before each race commences. 

For a substitution, please contact KZNTR on info@kzntrailrunning.co.za. Transfers of original entries to substitutes will only be made once the substitution fee has been paid. 

Payment Plans

Interested in benefitting from the Mountain Marathon Series packages but cannot get an entry ticket just yet? A payment plan is available that splits the payment into 4 separate instalments with the first being paid with the purchase of the series package.

If you are interested in doing a payment plan, please contact info@kzntrailrunning.co.za to make arrangements.

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